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Ultramarine Blue Powder

Ultramarine Blue is a classic, basic blue pigment. It is manufactured in the lab by mixing Kaolin (China) Clay, sodium carbonate and sulpher together and heating them in a kiln to get the characteristic blue shade.

Approved for eyes, face & nails, but NOT LIPS. Can be used in cosmetics such as mineral makeup and soaps.

Do not add the powder directly to your soap batch as the pigment will otherwise “clump”. Mix the powder thoroughly with a small amount of warm water for cp soap, or glycerine or rubbing alcohol for melt and pour soap before adding it to your base.

Stable and non-bleeding in soap.
Suggested usage rate is approx. 1tsp. per 1kg of soap.

Ultramarines, Pigment Blue 29 - CI 77007, C.A.S. 57455-37-5

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Ultramarine Blue Powder

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