Fragrance Oil - Jam Doughnut

Rich, buttery fried dough with notes of spakling sugar crystals, vanilla and strawberry jam filling. A delicious Jam Donut / Doughnut!

Performance in CP Soap: not yet tested. 
Performance in Soy Wax: nice strong scent at 8% fragrance load. Cure for 1-2 weeks for best results
Bath Oils, Lotions, Shower Gels: Suggested usage rate 1%
Perfume Oils: Maximum usage rate 25% (as recommended by IFRA)
Phthalate Free: Yes
Flashpoint: 200F (93C)
Vanillin Content: 0.7%
Please note: The above information is provided as a guideline only and results may vary according to individual recipes.


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Fragrance Oil - Jam Doughnut

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