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Fragrance Oil - Sandalwood

A great alternative to the expensive indian sandalwood essential oil. A warm, rich, woodsy aromatic oriental fragrance.

Performance in CP Soap: no acceleration noted, no discolouration and no fading. I recommend using the higher fragrance load of 5% fragrance load based on the weight of soaping oils as this is a little softer than some other fragrances. One customer reported that this fragrance caused her soap to split and crumble at the edges but no one else has mentioned any issues so it might have been a recipe issue.
Performance in Soy Wax: good scent throw at 8% fragrance load but definitely not one of the stronger fragrances
Bath Oils, Lotions, Shower Gels: Suggested usage rate 1%
Perfume Oils: Maximum usage rate 8% (as recommended by the IFRA)
Phthalate free: Yes
Flashpoint: 220F (104C)
Vanillin Content: 0%
Gel Wax compatibile: Yes, but you will need to do your own testing.
Please note: The above information is provided as a guideline only and results may vary according to individual recipes.


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Fragrance Oil - Sandalwood

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