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Liquid Candle Dye - Dark Blue

Please note: I was sent dark blue by mistake so this is not the same shade as usual.

15ml of dye should color approx. 20 kgs of wax to a medium shade. Suggested usage varies for each color & shade, and will also vary depending upon your wax formula and any additives you use.

Suggested usage Rates:
A medium shade is about 0.05% which equals approximately 8 drops of dye per 500g of wax.
For a dark shade, you should use 0.1% dye, which equals approximately 15 drops of dye per 500g of wax.
For pale shades, you should use 0.01% or 0.005%, which equals approximately 1-3 drops of dye per 500g of wax.


Please note:
The dyes are very concentrated and hard to clean off of skin, clothes & surfaces. Be very careful! Cover your work surfaces prior to using dyes.
The liquid dyesare very concentrated and have a strong odour. When used at normal usage rates this odour will not be noticeable once they are diluted with wax and fragrance oil in your candles.
Keep the lids closed tightly or the liquids can dry out. If this happens, add a few drops of mineral oil to thin it back out again, replace the lid and shake well.

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Liquid Candle Dye - Dark Blue

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