Fragrance Oil - Toasted Marshmallow (clearance)

Ooey, gooey, toasted marshmallows!

The supplier of this fragrance has closed down. Once present stock is gone it will therefore no longer be available. I have a similar fragrance called 'Marshmallow Fireside (type)'. 

Performance in CP Soap: no ricing, slight acceleration but does discolour dark brown. Recommend using 3.5-4% fragrance load based on the weight of soaping oils.
Performance in Soy Wax: good scent throw at 6% fragrance load but definitely benefits from having a full 7-14 day cure time.
Bath Oils, Lotions, Shower Gels: Suggested usage rate 1-2%
Perfume Oils: Maximum usage rate 20% (as recommended by IFRA)
Phthalate Free: No
Flashpoint: 200F (93C)
Vanillin Content:18.70%
Please note: The above information is provided as a guideline only and results may vary according to individual recipes.


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Fragrance Oil - Toasted Marshmallow (clearance)

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